Phoebe's Fundraiser


Thank you for your support as we lost Phoebe on December 9th, 2015
The funds that were raised went to her medical bills. Thank you all!!


Phoebe's Clay Christmas
Ornament Fundraiser

 Welcome to Phoebe's paw prints on my heart fundraiser! 100% of your purchase goes to the care of Phoebe. Dogs leave pawprints on our hearts, they come into our lives, love us with all of their heart and become our best friends.  Phoebe's 2015 exclusive ornament is a reflection of our love for our canine companions and best friends.  The ornaments are handmade by myself, (Phoebe's mom) and are made from clay dug from the mountains of Western North Carolina. The pawprint design is stamped into the wet clay and a glaze that breaks well over the pattern is applied. Ornaments can be customized with a name on the back side. After the ornaments are fired they are shipped right to your house. We appreciate you stopping by and supporting my dear, tiny queen, Phoebe.

About Phoebe

Phoebe came into rescue at the age of 12, she is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met. She is a whopping 10 lb pug, so tiny. She had bad teeth, is deaf from ear infections, she has a large hernia, she has dry eye and her sight is compromised, she was malnourished and her skin was awful when she came in. None of this stopped her from being sweet, fun, busy and playful. She loves to just pick up toys and carry them around the house. I call it toy relocation services. She is doing much better, her skin is better, her eyes are brighter and doc says her tail is bushier :)

She truly is a little miracle, she even saved our families life once! She woke up in the night and started barking incessantly. My boyfriend (now husband) was watching my dogs while I was out of town. He told her to go back to bed and that it was ok, yes we do talk to her although she cannot hear. He pet her and told her to go back to bed as well. She just kept on barking. Finally he got up to see what her problem was and when he turned on the light the house was filled with smoke. The dryer had begun to smoke and was on the verge of catching fire. Phoebe alerted him and saved quite possibly his and all the rest of the family's life that night. We are forever grateful for our little barker. We are lucky to have such an amazing little woman in our life. 

Phoebe takes several medications for her heart and fluids in her lungs. She is doing well and we are very grateful. As the prices of medications continue to increase we greatly appreciate your contribution.

Phoebe also wants to encourage all of her friends to consider bringing a rescue into your heart, especially a senior. Your world will be changed forever and then you will have pawprints on your heart as well. Have a safe and wonderful holiday my friends!


  1. Hello, there! I want to order my ornaments but had another question! When you put the names on the back of the ornaments, do you also put a date? I was thinking of putting the date that I lost each of my babies. If there is not enough room to do that, it's ok. Included the dates for the 3 ornaments in case you can. If not, please just add the names. Thanks so much! Can't wait to get them! Love and pug hugs to Miss Phoebe!

  2. Will enter the order again..........don't think I hit ADD TO CART!!!!!

  3. Hi I just ordered three oranments and I put the names in which are Sophie, Sniffy and Sweet pea one name on each one please and give a ton of love and kisses to Sweet Phoebe for me.!!!!!!!

  4. Thank you so much for doing this! I love your sweet angel and I look forward to her posts daily. I just ordered two ornaments for my angels that passed but will always be in my heart. Love you little miss Phoebe- you remind me so much of my Phoebe!!

  5. I just ordered mine, it's an honor to have you sweet Phoebe on our tree, we love you !! xoxo

  6. Hi Jen, I am so sorry about Phoebe. She brought so many smiles each day seeing her beautiful face. Phoebe always will be in my heart. Thank you for the love you shared with her and her followers on FB. I saw that you sent out the ornaments ordered on December 2, but I have not received mine yet. Can you bring me up to date on the status? Thank you.